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#Throwbacking: Summer Jam ’13

Today, Hot 97 decided to release it’s first line up for this year’s Summer Jam. Flash backs to a few years ago instantly popped into my head. The time is 2013. My first ever NY Summer Jam ever. I’ve always heard and read stories about how crazy Summer Jam can be. I wasn’t just an attendee for the days festivities. Because of my mentor, Nunez, I had an All Access pass, to the whole stadium.

My photo responsibilities that day included getting BTS photos of the Vevo room where majority of the days artist would stop by to do short interviews. Though I missed the actual performances live in person (we had a flat screen set up in the back of the room), I’m sure any fan would of traded places with me in an heart beat. Almost every artist on the roster stopped by. So many are still some of my favorite artist including Miguel, J. Cole, the A$AP Crew (RIP Yamz), Joe Budden, Wale, TDE (Kendrick Lamar, SchoolBoy Q, Jay Rock, Ab Soul, Wu Tang, Lil Kim, Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, Ross, and many many more… What a day!!

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Promo Runnin’ with Tinashe

Tinahse released some gems for us today, with a new mixtape titled Amethyst. It got me thinking of the last time she released some music….

It’s a little less than 24hrs before a young woman’s childhood dream is coming true…

Tinashe is on the brink of releasing her first major album worldwide, Aquarius. In NYC, its time to hit the radio stations, stores, celebrate & enjoy all the magic of your first album coming out.

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Remy Ma & Papoose’s Harlem Nights

Where do I begin? Remy is an amazing woman. Working with her now for a 2nd time, I’ve witness her love and care for her family and friends.

After not being able to celebrate life of her husband properly for some years, she convinces Papoose to dress up in a Suit & Tie (Pap is usually in a hoodie and a snap back) and go to “Dinner”

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Where do I start?

WTH do I make my first blog post about???

Man, I got no idea how I want to start my blog. Just creating this blog happened so randomly. My two biggest weaknesses – The Internet & Gravity – lead me to creating this. After a long day full of trying to recover from the night just passed, a slow day at my part-time job being a Sony Camera Specialist (So easy to talk about Cameras I use all day), and client emails & text every once in a while; this FINALLY happened. Looking at other’s blogs motivated me…

You would think I would have a blog already. Constantly getting asked where I post pics besides IG, I never had a complete answer. I’ve attempted to blog and post pics on a different platform but did not like the style and layout so I eventually terminated that. But here I am, on the platform that actually hosted my first website, way back when, WordPress. S/o to them.

Since it’s Friday the 13th, Let me share some pictures I’ve never shared; Featuring the super beautiful and talented as hell Hill Kourkoutis from Toronto. This was shot on the rooftop of the Bad Boy offices in Times Square in 2012. We were just being weird and having a random time. They had a whole bunch of mannequins laying around so thought its be cool. Majority of the pics came out kinda creepy lol but so worth it.

Looking back at the Raw Images, I surprised myself in how my eye and quality of work has changed since then. It’s amazing how experiences really change the way we view the world. 

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