About #ChucksAndCameras

If you every clicked on the hashtag #CHUCKSANDCAMERAS then you’ve seen the photos & videos. This blog is an extension of the limits our social media sites have on us.

As a photographer and creative, you want to showcase your newest favorite photos from a shoot you just done or video but don’t want to flood IG, Facebook, & Twitter with the same faces all day. After a while, people get annoyed with your timeline and photos, even if they don’t want to admit it. But then again, you have people who love seeing whats new and exciting.

This blog is for them. The ones who want to see more than just that BTS, or that one beautiful shot. Here’s where I can share my experiences completely and give you more insight to what I love and do on the daily. And most important, actually see pictures from the event or shoot or whatever random ish I get into.

Hope you enjoy some of my moments…