Promo Runnin’ with Tinashe

Tinahse released some gems for us today, with a new mixtape titled Amethyst. It got me thinking of the last time she released some music….

It’s a little less than 24hrs before a young woman’s childhood dream is coming true…

Tinashe is on the brink of releasing her first major album worldwide, Aquarius. In NYC, its time to hit the radio stations, stores, celebrate & enjoy all the magic of your first album coming out.


We made more radio stops than I could imagine. Speaking with the more known to me, Breakfast Club & Hot 97 Morning Show, and a few other stops at Sirus Radio & some stations I still don’t know the proper name to (SMH @ me lol).






Later in the evening, “One Take T” (She is a beast at reading apparently lmao), stopped by 106&Park to perform a few tracks and promote the album more before finally getting some chill time to relax at her album release party which my guy Greg & I, with the help of a few close friends in and outside of the music industry put together personally.




You may be asking whats the deal with Shake Shack… Boy oh Boy is this one of her greatest obsessions ever. We stop here every chance we get & still has an amazing body to show for it.

Day 2… Release Day!

Early in the Am we go visit Sway and his crew. Tinashe energetic of the rush is full of light, even after no sleeping. Would you be able to sleep night of your album coming out? I highly doubt it!


We made a few more stops around town involving more & more radio, Best Buy to pick up a few copies of the album of course, and a finale at Apple, where Miss Info would moderate an intimate and elegant interview in-front of hundreds of fans and many many cameras. After the interview including a performance..

DSC08051What an amazing experience I’ve got to share with T!


A few months later, back in NY for her tour, RCA surprised T backstage with a PLATINUM Plaque.. Congrats


By danieljvasquez

Beautiful moments in life inspire me. That surreal moment taking place within my reality. Reading about other photographers, i came across a very similar thought from Mario Moreno.

“Inspiration is everywhere around us and wherever you look you will see an image worth capturing. Photography is a wonderful way of sharing your feelings and experiences with people and this is what I like about photography. I pursue the ‘Perfect Moment’, capture it and share it. This is my goal.”

I feel a certain emotion with every photograph I capture. A sense of WOW, “this is really amazing and I am glad to be apart of this.” From music concerts, events, to some of fashion’s biggest shows. I am happy to share my point of view with the world.

Starting out carrying a camera just to capture day to day moments in my life. My photography transpired by the more my life evolved. Photography is not a job for me but a pictorial of my life story.

As my career and life continue to grow, I hope you enjoy my adventure!

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