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Chucks&Cameras: Jacques Morel Jr.

As I walked into the AOL offices, Jacques Morel Jr. was having a meeting in the front conference room with four MCs from across the country for his latest show of BARS, a Facebook Live streaming show living on the Huffpost Black Voices’ page. The only weekly show I’ve ever heard of strictly on FB Live. Minutes before the show, we were able to snap a few pictures around the office and set. As the show went live, I sat in the cut enjoying the talented MCs, especially one by the name of Sex the Rapper (You will see in the video below). After a quick breakdown and clean up by Jacques amazing crew, we headed back to the conference room for a convo…


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Promo Runnin’ with Tinashe

Tinahse released some gems for us today, with a new mixtape titled Amethyst. It got me thinking of the last time she released some music….

It’s a little less than 24hrs before a young woman’s childhood dream is coming true…

Tinashe is on the brink of releasing her first major album worldwide, Aquarius. In NYC, its time to hit the radio stations, stores, celebrate & enjoy all the magic of your first album coming out.

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