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Chucks&Cameras: Jacques Morel Jr.

As I walked into the AOL offices, Jacques Morel Jr. was having a meeting in the front conference room with four MCs from across the country for his latest show of BARS, a Facebook Live streaming show living on the Huffpost Black Voices’ page. The only weekly show I’ve ever heard of strictly on FB Live. Minutes before the show, we were able to snap a few pictures around the office and set. As the show went live, I sat in the cut enjoying the talented MCs, especially one by the name of Sex the Rapper (You will see in the video below). After a quick breakdown and clean up by Jacques amazing crew, we headed back to the conference room for a convo…


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Chucks&Cameras: Nicole Russell

Last week I had the opportunity to document Nicole Russell speaking to high school students participating in a program called Usher’s New Look on the topic of service. Ever since I met Nicole, she has always been so giving and always providing service to others. After the event, we stopped at a Starbucks in the city to chat before going our separate ways…

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Chucks&Cameras: Dannis Winston

Around Noon yesterday, in a lowly lit bar area inside the beautiful lobby of the Ace Hotel I met up with Dannis Winston who was grabbing a quick bite to eat. His styling was simple yet noticeable & was rocking a dope pair of Chucks I personally have been thinking of picking up. During our convo, learning about Dannis, I was immediately drawn in.

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PivotalPath: Headshots

Its always great seeing your images in their final form on one of your clients sites! The good people at Pivotal Path allowed me to create their images for their brand new website.

They wanted to take advantage of the New York City Midtown location and step away from the boring and typically plain white backdrop we see on so many headshots on Linkedin and in the financial division.

I am happy with the final out come! Check out the new site. https://www.pivotalpath.com/ 

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Know Opinion’s Presents: Ronald Draper #TakeCareofHarlem

“My work is meant to inspire. It’s meant to perpetuate whatever dream you have. My work is meant to make you feel better” – Ronald Draper

Ronald Draper’s short-lived career serves as a quintessential example of one’s destiny being manifested, drawing inspiration from his personal experiences to springboard onto the inevitable road to success. The Harlem, NY native prides himself on utilizing his platform for the greater good of humanity, aiming his artistic efforts towards achieving the ultimate goal of change and equality in a world where a deficiency of the latter is prevalent.- STAN SUNRISE


This is one of the many interviews coming up for my guy Stan Sunrise’s new site KnowOpinions, formally know as TheFactsRemain. This relaunch is focusing on the arts and the amazing people involved. First up, Ronald Draper, a good friend of mines for years who is taking care of harlem with his amazing art, charities and much more. Dive into the full article on Mr. Draper over at KnowOpinions, and view the visual piece I had a hand producing above to learn more about Mr. Draper and his work.



Jonathan Mannion- 20 Years of Reasonable Doubt

Jonathan Mannion celebrated a huge milestone, the 20th anniversary of his first album cover, which just happened to be Jay Z’s first album Reasonable Doubt. This huge start was celebrated with a huge gallery of exclusive color photo prints JM decided to share with the public. Until recently, only the Black & White film was ever seen. I had the opportunity to follow Mannion around and create a nice visual recap that has been featured on BET (Click here to read article) along with photos on many publications. Here are a few!


JM 1JM 2JM 3JM 5JM 6


Rap Radar Podcast: G-Eazy

Although G-Eazy’s been in the game for years, the Bay Area MC is finally getting the respect he deserves. With the success of his sophomore release When It’s Dark Out, Eazy is set to embark on a world tour at the top of 2016. But for now, he’s here in New York and while kicking it with Elliott and B.Dot, Eazy speaks on his mixtape grind, dinner with Jay Z, Cortez Bryant, fame, success, and a whole lot more.

I love shooting for my guys Elliot Wilson & B.Dot. I know its always going to be an interesting personality and amazing stories. This time around, a favorite of mines came to the studio. Click here to listen to podcast and see more images. 

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