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Paddle of the Sexes 2

Its that time of year again; celebrities, drinks, ping pong, & my ring light. Last year, I purchased a ring light and tested it out at the first annual Paddle of the Sexes produced by Hard2Guard. It was such a hit, they requested I bring it out again! Spin in Ny renovated their walls so the back drop was a lot nicer than last years. Like last year, much of the proceeds went to Precious Dreams Foundation.

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Paddle of the Sexes

Monday May 18, the first Paddle of the Sexes hosted by Hard 2 Guard at Spin New York. This wonderful event was to raise awareness and donations for the Precious Dreams Foundation. For me personally, this was an exciting night because I got to see a lot of old friends and make plenty of new ones. But my most exciting moment of the evening was testing out my new toy. A Ring Light! Ring Light