Chucks&Cameras: Jonn Nubian

A few days into NY Fashion Week and I found myself documenting fashion shows sponsored by Monster Products (Check some of photos on their Facebook). During my time shooting I kept running into a certain individual full of his own unique style. On the third day, fate had it that we both had time to spare between fashion shows and he was rocking a dope outfit fitted with some unreleased Chucks. Naturally we spoke on our love for Converse as a whole (I now need to check out the Converse store in Boston and get a custom pair!!) and was able to get a few quick photos during our conversation.



Chucks&Cameras: Robert Hartwell

Today I want to introduce something new to the Chucks&Cameras site that I have been wanting to do for a while now. Sometimes trying to plan and map out an idea can delay the whole process and worse, stop your idea from ever taking shape.

Recently I have been doing things naturally and without much thought. Yesterday was one of those days. With New York Fashion Week beginning throughout the city, I embarked on finding an”Interesting” individual who fit a certain criteria: CHUCKS.

Standing outside 33rd St with so many other photographers (it gets real crazy out there if you are trying to take photos of guest and celebrities!!) at Moynihan Station, I surprisingly did not cross anyone who wore a pair of chucks. Just passing time I ran into a friend and next thing you know we gained info about a free happy hour going on across the street in the Target Lounge. New Goals: Relax, Drink a little, Charge phone.

This lounge was RED everything. Elegant, comforting and much more. Nice bar with some cool speciality drinks, a lot of seating, outlets, and AC. Live piano playing in the middle of the room was the cherry on top. During the live music, people were encouraged to come up and sing with the piano player. Thats where I found my subject, in his comfort zone, up on stage with a mic in his hand. Singing to everyone, getting people involved. It was dope.



Looking Back- Melanie Fiona Cold Piece

“I Feel Like Big Sean!” exclaims Melanie Fiona as she stands draped in a snow-white faux mink coat, with both fists raised towards the ceiling like a boxer who just received a decision. On this day in particular, Fiona’s ring is the breath taking Minus 5 Ice Bar in Midtown, Manhattan and she’ll be sparring in 23-degree weather, jabbing camera lenses with charismatic poses. “Canadians are made for this,” quips Fiona confidently when warned of the effects of the lingering cold. – Greg Cally

I love going on Facebook randomly and seeing the memories tab with a dope photo I once took. Over time you forget some of the cool and interesting things you once done. 3 years ago to the day, I did a shoot in one of the most interesting places yet. I had the opportunity to photograph a favorite singer of mines, Melanie Fiona, in a freezing cold, ice bar.

Literally everything from the walls, floor, seating, lighting structures, even the mugs were made of ice. Here and there you saw some type of fur to sit on over the ice, but everything else was sculpted from ice. Looking back, this location was super epic. Not even a week open and Minus 5 Below open their doors to us for this editorial shoot.

The concept came from my partner Greg Cally and I. We wanted to feature Mel and got wind she had a new single coming out soon named Cold Piece. Randomly I remember hearing about a new bar about to open made of complete ice and thought it would be crazy to do a location based shoot there. To that point, all of our editorial shoots for Greg’s site had been studio only. I was getting tired of that and definitely wanted to switch up from the sites norm. We found the contact for the bar and after a brief phone call and email, they were on board. Once we secured the location and spoke with Melanie’s management, the ball was moving.

Mel F 1


PivotalPath: Headshots

Its always great seeing your images in their final form on one of your clients sites! The good people at Pivotal Path allowed me to create their images for their brand new website.

They wanted to take advantage of the New York City Midtown location and step away from the boring and typically plain white backdrop we see on so many headshots on Linkedin and in the financial division.

I am happy with the final out come! Check out the new site. 



Know Opinion’s Presents: Ronald Draper #TakeCareofHarlem

“My work is meant to inspire. It’s meant to perpetuate whatever dream you have. My work is meant to make you feel better” – Ronald Draper

Ronald Draper’s short-lived career serves as a quintessential example of one’s destiny being manifested, drawing inspiration from his personal experiences to springboard onto the inevitable road to success. The Harlem, NY native prides himself on utilizing his platform for the greater good of humanity, aiming his artistic efforts towards achieving the ultimate goal of change and equality in a world where a deficiency of the latter is prevalent.- STAN SUNRISE


This is one of the many interviews coming up for my guy Stan Sunrise’s new site KnowOpinions, formally know as TheFactsRemain. This relaunch is focusing on the arts and the amazing people involved. First up, Ronald Draper, a good friend of mines for years who is taking care of harlem with his amazing art, charities and much more. Dive into the full article on Mr. Draper over at KnowOpinions, and view the visual piece I had a hand producing above to learn more about Mr. Draper and his work.



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St John’s Haraya Fest featuring NAS

Every year, St. John’s has a dope line up for annual Haraya Festival towards the end of the school year. From Kanye, Kendrick Lamar, Remy Ma, Neyo, Ryan Leslie, 2 Chainz, to SJU’s (or the newer kids, STJ) very own, J. Cole. This year’s headliner, Queens bred, Nas. Luckily I got all access to the show.

Though I didn’t shoot much, I got some photographs I really love. My goal was to take advantage of the amazing stage lighting and shoot with available light. I wanted to create some very moody photos. I try my best to shoot what i want straight in camera so I do not have to edit or tamper with photos. My mindset was to shoot as if I had a film camera to make every shot count. Besides adding text to one photo, everything is raw. Let me know what you think!

SJU x Nas 0027SJU x Nas 0020SJU x Nas 0014SJU x Nas 0032SJU x Nas 0088SJU x Nas 0116

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Paddle of the Sexes 2

Its that time of year again; celebrities, drinks, ping pong, & my ring light. Last year, I purchased a ring light and tested it out at the first annual Paddle of the Sexes produced by Hard2Guard. It was such a hit, they requested I bring it out again! Spin in Ny renovated their walls so the back drop was a lot nicer than last years. Like last year, much of the proceeds went to Precious Dreams Foundation.

Paddle of the Sexes 2 0034Paddle of the Sexes 2 0039Paddle of the Sexes 2 0043


Rap Radar Podcast: Logic

Logic‘s head is in the clouds, but for good reason. In a few hours, he’ll be making his debut on the Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon thanks to the success of his sophomore album, The Incredible True Story. Indeed, Logic‘s tale is more fact than fiction. So before his late night appearance, the Maryland MC talks to the Rap Radar Podcast about h is new album, rabid fanbase, estranged family, marriage, and everything in between.

The Incredible True Story, Logic’s second album is super dope but his interview on the Rap Radar podcast brought a lot of in site on the man. Elliot and B Dot asked me to come shoot their highly successful podcast. It was such an honor and I’m sure not the last time! Click here to listen to whole podcast!




Yeezy Season 2

Wow oh Wow. I cant believe what I just shot. I some how found my way with all access of Kanye West’s Yeezy Season 2 NYFW Show. This was so surreal. I had an amazing time hanging back stage and watching all the magic of a show of this caliber being put together. From the production team, models, make up/hair, stylist and many more. It was a dope experience. I want to share a few behind the scenes shots and some of the actual show. I even got Kanye to smile for a few back stage after the show. Ha.

Some behind the scenes of the models getting into formation and practicing their places. Kanye steps in every once and a while to get things perfect.


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Angela Simmons Presents: 90Years of Harlem Globetrotters Fashion Show

My girl Angela Simmons had the opportunity to design and rebrand the Harlem Globetrotter’s uniforms for their 90th anniversary, during a very hectic New York Fashion Week. Here is a little peak behind the scenes of Angela’s show.

ASxHG 0001.jpg

ASxHG 0004.jpg

ASxHG 0031.jpg