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Angela Simmons Presents: 90Years of Harlem Globetrotters Fashion Show

My girl Angela Simmons had the opportunity to design and rebrand the Harlem Globetrotter’s uniforms for their 90th anniversary, during a very hectic New York Fashion Week. Here is a little peak behind the scenes of Angela’s show.

ASxHG 0001.jpg

ASxHG 0004.jpg

ASxHG 0031.jpg

ASxHG 0017.jpg

ASxHG 0043.jpg

ASxHG 0038.jpg

ASxHG 0095.jpg

ASxHG 0091.jpg

ASxHG 0115.jpgASxHG 0118.jpgASxHG 0124.jpgASxHG 0128.jpgASxHG 0140.jpgASxHG 0143.jpgASxHG 0147.jpgASxHG 0154.jpgASxHG 0184.jpgASxHG 0195.jpgASxHG 0204.jpgASxHG 0225.jpgASxHG 0240.jpgASxHG 0246.jpgASxHG 0254.jpg


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