Yeezy Season 2

Wow oh Wow. I cant believe what I just shot. I some how found my way with all access of Kanye West’s Yeezy Season 2 NYFW Show. This was so surreal. I had an amazing time hanging back stage and watching all the magic of a show of this caliber being put together. From the production team, models, make up/hair, stylist and many more. It was a dope experience. I want to share a few behind the scenes shots and some of the actual show. I even got Kanye to smile for a few back stage after the show. Ha.

Some behind the scenes of the models getting into formation and practicing their places. Kanye steps in every once and a while to get things perfect.


Right before the show when some of the Stars showed up including Baby North to support her dad…

Yeezy Season 2 0001Yeezy Season 2 0002Yeezy Season 2 0003Yeezy Season 2 0004Yeezy Season 2 0005Yeezy Season 2 0006Yeezy Season 2 0007Yeezy Season 2 0011Yeezy Season 2 0014Yeezy Season 2 0015Yeezy Season 2 0017

Yeezy Season 2 featuring some notable faces, including Kylie, Amina Blue, Ian Connor and many more.

Yeezy Season 2 0037Yeezy Season 2 0040Yeezy Season 2 0045Yeezy Season 2 0053Yeezy Season 2 0057Yeezy Season 2 0059Yeezy Season 2 0075Yeezy Season 2 0078Yeezy Season 2 0081Yeezy Season 2 0087Yeezy Season 2 0090Yeezy Season 2 0105Yeezy Season 2 0111Yeezy Season 2 0131Yeezy Season 2 0143Yeezy Season 2 0145Yeezy Season 2 0149Yeezy Season 2 0152Yeezy Season 2 0157Yeezy Season 2 0169Yeezy Season 2 0168Yeezy Season 2 0179



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