Chucks&Cameras: Robert Hartwell

Today I want to introduce something new to the Chucks&Cameras site that I have been wanting to do for a while now. Sometimes trying to plan and map out an idea can delay the whole process and worse, stop your idea from ever taking shape.

Recently I have been doing things naturally and without much thought. Yesterday was one of those days. With New York Fashion Week beginning throughout the city, I embarked on finding an”Interesting” individual who fit a certain criteria: CHUCKS.

Standing outside 33rd St with so many other photographers (it gets real crazy out there if you are trying to take photos of guest and celebrities!!) at Moynihan Station, I surprisingly did not cross anyone who wore a pair of chucks. Just passing time I ran into a friend and next thing you know we gained info about a free happy hour going on across the street in the Target Lounge. New Goals: Relax, Drink a little, Charge phone.

This lounge was RED everything. Elegant, comforting and much more. Nice bar with some cool speciality drinks, a lot of seating, outlets, and AC. Live piano playing in the middle of the room was the cherry on top. During the live music, people were encouraged to come up and sing with the piano player. Thats where I found my subject, in his comfort zone, up on stage with a mic in his hand. Singing to everyone, getting people involved. It was dope.


Hey You mind if we take a few photos outside and I ask a few questions?

“No, not at all..

My name is Robert Hartwell. I am from Raleigh, North Carolina and Broadway brought me to New York. Every since I was 7 years old I just knew that I wanted to be on Broadway. So I came to New York and thats what I did. The dream has come true.


My Broadway debut was Memphis the Musical in 2010. I moved to New York in 2009 and got a national tour of Dream Girls the Musical. We premiered at the Apollo and played there for a couple of months and then went on a national tour for a year. Right after the tour I made my Broadway debut. I am now on my 5th Broadway show, Motown the Musical.


I am building my own company right now called the Broadway Dance Collective. I go across the country teaching masterclasses that connect broadways finest dancers with kids across the country. Education is really huge in my life, both my parents are educators. I don’t think you get any blessing in your life just for you, I think that it’s for you the share it with other people. For me that is, I want to meet other kids that at 7 years old say ‘I want to be on Broadway.’ If I can help anyway possible, that is a blessing for me.”



Follow Robert on Instagram: @sirroberttakespics

Learn more about The Broadway Dance Collective




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