Chucks&Cameras: Jonn Nubian

A few days into NY Fashion Week and I found myself documenting fashion shows sponsored by Monster Products (Check some of photos on their Facebook). During my time shooting I kept running into a certain individual full of his own unique style. On the third day, fate had it that we both had time to spare between fashion shows and he was rocking a dope outfit fitted with some unreleased Chucks. Naturally we spoke on our love for Converse as a whole (I now need to check out the Converse store in Boston and get a custom pair!!) and was able to get a few quick photos during our conversation.


Jonn Nubian, the Managing Editor at YRB Magazine. YRB,short for Yellow Rat Bastard, is associated with the flagship stores in Soho, Brooklyn, & France. Starting with Marc Ecko, over time the magazine has evolved to a premiere platform to deliver everything pop culture. YRB has 103 dual covers who gave stars Alicia Keys, Channing Tatum, Katy Perry, and even Kim Kardashian’s their first cover opportunities.


Outside of YRB, Jonn is a Professional Adventurer. Coining the term from comic books; you never seen Wolverine, Spider-Man or any other super hero in the Marvel Universe reveal their true occupation. They were all Professional Adventurers. Jonn comes from a more technical, digital and media background. Out of school, he worked on multiple movies with Spike Lee, built websites for Sean Combs and much more.


Follow Jonn on Instagram: @jonnnubian @yrbmagazine



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