Po Johnson for Ranbeeri Denim

A few days before the 4th, Ranbeeri Denim asked me to shoot one of my good friends, Po Johnson, for their new social media brand campaign. Shooting with Po is always aN energetic and fun shoot. We hit the balcony for a few shots and then shot the rest on a white background to focus on her and Ranbeeri’s sweet denim looks. Check out some of my favorite shots from the day.

Ranbeeri PopUP PoJo 247_rt

Ranbeeri PopUP PoJo 221_rt

Ranbeeri PopUP PoJo 433_rt

Ranbeeri PopUP PoJo 482_rt IG

Ranbeeri PopUP PoJo 688_rt

Ranbeeri PopUP PoJo 732_rt

Ranbeeri PopUP PoJo 850_rt


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