Puerto Rican Parade ’15

This year the Puerto Rican Parade in NYC falls on the best day in the world to me, my birthday. After a long night of celebrating I contemplated for a long long time getting out my bed to walk down 5th Ave in the heat. But it was so worth it, I had a blast interacting with the parade-goers.

Having no press pass did not stop me from getting on the right side of the barriers. Using a little finesse, next thing I knew, I was walking down 47th St towards 5th ave. The streets, as you can imagine, were full of life and high energy. Everyone reppin’ and shouting Spanish words i could barely translate, if any (I’m one of those Puerto Ricans lol).

I decided to go to the parade for the whole experience and to also get some shots of people rocking Sol Republic Headphones, who commissioned me for some photos. What can I say, I have the best job in the world.

Check out some of my favorite photos from the day.