Wale’s The Album About Nothing

As most of the world know’s, Wale’s anticipated ‘The Album About Nothing’ Dropped midnight, March 31st. To honor his 4th studio album, Wale held an midnight intimate band session in one of NYC’s most iconic venues, SOBs. FOR FREE! Thats LOVE!

I was lucky enough to find myself front in center to capture the action and document another milestone in Wale’s Career. After getting some must shots with flash, I wanted to put my new Sony A7ii to the ultimate test (Low Light, High Moving Subjects) of concert shooting. I am just at awe of how amazing these pictures came out. And to imagine, no editing at all. I wanted to shoot this as if I had a film camera, and really try and pick and choose my moments. Something I learned from the great Danny Clinch.

Manned with a 35mm Zeiss (I wish the brand new 1.4), check out how intimate these shots are.




Half way into the show, Wale decided to take it back to his first album. Melanie Fiona’s vocals on ‘Beautiful Bliss’ starts to play and the crowd automatically goes into melody. Once the 2nd verse dropped, the crowd was in for a real treat. J Cole hits the stage to perform along side.



Towards the end of the show, Wale’s ‘Ambition’ beat starts to break down. Wale falls to his knees and explains to the crowd how they should never give up and keep going. And out of no where he hands his mic to Meek Mill who performs his intro on the song & then breaks into his legendary ‘Intro’ track. SOBs went freaking nuts!!





I was loving the vibe of these photos, couldn’t just post one or two lol

Here is some exclusive videos to go along..

What a night.


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