PeterPalooza IV

PeterPalooza is by far one of my favorite events of the summer. Peter Rosenberg from Hot97 gets some amazing acts every year to help him celebrate his birthday and give on a dope show for the fans. This years event featured headliners; A$AP Rocky, Vic Mensa, Bodega Bamz, & a lot of special guest. Here are some exclusive photos from the nights festivities with Peter.

Peterpalooza IV 016

Peterpalooza IV 086

Peterpalooza IV 150

Peterpalooza IV 164

Peterpalooza IV 168

Peterpalooza IV 244

Peterpalooza IV 230

Peterpalooza IV 212

Peterpalooza IV 186

Peterpalooza IV 301

Peterpalooza IV 131

Peterpalooza IV 130

Peterpalooza IV 307

Peterpalooza IV 182

Peterpalooza IV 340

Peterpalooza IV 272

Peterpalooza IV 278

Peterpalooza IV 292

Peterpalooza IV 298

Peterpalooza IV 350





By danieljvasquez

Beautiful moments in life inspire me. That surreal moment taking place within my reality. Reading about other photographers, i came across a very similar thought from Mario Moreno.

“Inspiration is everywhere around us and wherever you look you will see an image worth capturing. Photography is a wonderful way of sharing your feelings and experiences with people and this is what I like about photography. I pursue the ‘Perfect Moment’, capture it and share it. This is my goal.”

I feel a certain emotion with every photograph I capture. A sense of WOW, “this is really amazing and I am glad to be apart of this.” From music concerts, events, to some of fashion’s biggest shows. I am happy to share my point of view with the world.

Starting out carrying a camera just to capture day to day moments in my life. My photography transpired by the more my life evolved. Photography is not a job for me but a pictorial of my life story.

As my career and life continue to grow, I hope you enjoy my adventure!

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