GirlTalkTakeover 2015

My girl Angela Simmons asked me to handle the media for an amazing event, GirlTalkTakeover. Angela along with a lot of other generous people, donate their money, time, & talents to little girls growing up in rough neighborhoods. It’s such a meaningful topic, I could not pass the opportunity to help capture these moments with my team.

The day consisted of about 300 little girls in the Boys & Girls club of Harlem. About 15 different stations including make up, nails, hair, t-shirt designing, fitness workouts, dancing, yoga, healthy eating, a mini fashion show, and some special guest appearances at the end of the day.

GirlTalkTakeover 014

GirlTalkTakeover 019

GirlTalkTakeover 037

GirlTalkTakeover 040

GirlTalkTakeover 051

GirlTalkTakeover 071

GirlTalkTakeover 088

GirlTalkTakeover 091

GirlTalkTakeover 093

GirlTalkTakeover 117

GirlTalkTakeover 146

GirlTalkTakeover 160

GirlTalkTakeover 165

GirlTalkTakeover 167

GirlTalkTakeover 202

GirlTalkTakeover 236

GirlTalkTakeover 285

GirlTalkTakeover 412

GirlTalkTakeover 426

GirlTalkTakeover 454

GirlTalkTakeover 572

GirlTalkTakeover 502

GirlTalkTakeover 482

GirlTalkTakeover 437


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