Summer Jam ’15

My first time at NYC Summer Jam was two years ago and I had a great time meeting artist back stage and getting exclusive shots. But this year, my guy Jeff, gave me the opportunity to shoot with some of the best photographers in NY and for Hot97. This time around, I wouldn’t be backstage, stuck in a room but actually able to enjoy the show.

Since I don’t drive, I took the Hot97 Staff bus super super early in the AM. Being one of the first people there, I got to witness somethings most do. As I walked around an nearly empty MetLife Stadium i was able to watch a few sound checks.


By far my favorite sound check was Big Sean. Just watching how creative and how these artist pay attention to the smallest details most would pass over was cool to view.

Around 12, I had the freedom to roam around and check out the tailgating that was going on in the parking lot. I heard mixed reviews about the tailgating, but I loved every bit of it. All the people I met were very friendly and was just having a good time.

SummerJam_DV 005  SummerJam_DV 023  SummerJam_DV 028  SummerJam_DV 032  SummerJam_DV 042

SummerJam_DV 053

SummerJam_DV 044

After some fun tailgating, I hit the Festival Stage. I enjoyed the more interactive show the artist had with the fans. A few different acts all got up and personal with fans. Especially B.O.B. and Travis Scott. Check some of my favorite shots of the festival stage

SummerJam_DV 068

SummerJam_DV 078

SummerJam_DV 092

SummerJam_DV 109

SummerJam_DV 121

SummerJam_DV 126

SummerJam_DV 134

SummerJam_DV 148

SummerJam_DV 162

SummerJam_DV 163

SummerJam_DV 186

SummerJam_DV 188

Mid Travis Set, I had to run off back inside the stadium. Knowing this would be my only break, I had to grab a bite to eat and sit for a little. After a quick rest, I hit the Hot97 live broadcast room to see if any acts would show up. It was a fun time watching the crew interview each other about how the show would go, who may possibly show up and more. Ran into my favorite girl Brittany Sky and a few others roaming around.

SummerJam_DV 221

I missed two acts because I was shooting some assignment stuff for Hot97, but got to the stage in time to see all the acts I really wanted to see.

Trey Songz has always been one of my favorite R&B singers of our time, so i could not miss out on his set. I was especially fond of his dancers and how they all moved along the set so smoothly with Trey.

SummerJam_DV 269

SummerJam_DV 270

SummerJam_DV 273

SummerJam_DV 286

SummerJam_DV 287

I think we all heard about how Chris Brown set was lit and how 50 and crew touched the stage along with a surprise visit by French towards the end. This high energy set was a lot of fun to just witness. The best moment was when Chris jumped in the press pit right next to me.

SummerJam_DV 312

SummerJam_DV 336

SummerJam_DV 340

SummerJam_DV 349

SummerJam_DV 351

SummerJam_DV 359

SummerJam_DV 362

Fab set was up next. Titled Fab & Friends, you knew Fab would bring out a lot of peeps. But I don’t think anyone in crowd would expect Fab to bring out as many dope acts as he did. A lot of people say this was the best set of the night. I was happy to see my girl Remy on stage killing it. In the past year I have been able to create a little relationship with her. Also seeing the Lox is always good, I have done some personal bday work for Styles P a few years back.

SummerJam_DV 368

SummerJam_DV 403

SummerJam_DV 408

SummerJam_DV 418

SummerJam_DV 440

SummerJam_DV 449

SummerJam_DV 487

SummerJam_DV 489

SummerJam_DV 507

SummerJam_DV 526

Next on the stage, was my guy Kendrick Lamar. One of my all time favorites. His set featured players from TDE, E-40, and Welvin the Great. I see Kendrick perform a lot and every time it gets better and better.

SummerJam_DV 559

SummerJam_DV 570

SummerJam_DV 585

SummerJam_DV 587

SummerJam_DV 594

SummerJam_DV 608

Flashing back to earlier in the AM, I thought of BIg Sean’s set and how he had the show set up. I kind of knew his set now, so was able to get some very good shots because I could time everything he was going to do.

SummerJam_DV 657

SummerJam_DV 671

SummerJam_DV 677

The last main act, Meek Mill, was full of high energy throughout the whole set. Bringing out Future and Meek’s “Baby” Nicki Minaj, the show was definitely a success.

SummerJam_DV 687

SummerJam_DV 699

SummerJam_DV 720

SummerJam_DV 722

SummerJam_DV 732

SummerJam_DV 739

SummerJam_DV 789

SummerJam_DV 801


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