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Summer Jam ’15

My first time at NYC Summer Jam was two years ago and I had a great time meeting artist back stage and getting exclusive shots. But this year, my guy Jeff, gave me the opportunity to shoot with some of the best photographers in NY and for Hot97. This time around, I wouldn’t be backstage, stuck in a room but actually able to enjoy the show.

Since I don’t drive, I took the Hot97 Staff bus super super early in the AM. Being one of the first people there, I got to witness somethings most do. As I walked around an nearly empty MetLife Stadium i was able to watch a few sound checks.

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#MaseCourt: Springfield High School

A few months ago, Anthony Mason Jr or as we all call him Mase, asked me to be part of keeping his pop’s legacy alive. Going to St. John’s, I’ve crossed paths with Big Mase a lot and learned from the hoop star. Me helping out anyway I can was a no brainer.

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