#MaseCourt: Springfield High School

A look back at the ceremony of Knicks’ Forward: Mase Court

A few months ago, Anthony Mason Jr or as we all call him Mase, asked me to be part of keeping his pop’s legacy alive. Going to St. John’s, I’ve crossed paths with Big Mase a lot and learned from the hoop star. Me helping out anyway I can was a no brainer.


Last week Springfield High and the Knicks organization renamed the basketball court in honor of the late superstar. Mase and a couple fellow Johnnies put the whole ceremony together. Watching his son move around the school before the event and seeing the love the students, faculty, and more gave was nothing short of amazing. 

MaseCourt 0002

Mase and a few others, including myself, had the opportunity to talk to the school’s basketball team. Recently coming off a City Championship, Mase inspired the kids with words of hope, not giving up on chasing your dreams, focusing in school and home, and some Q&A. He shared the best knowledge he had, and the kids took it all in.

MaseCourt 0004

MaseCourt 0003

When it was time for the ceremony to actually begin, students and family had already started filing in. Some Knicks legends, Senators, old high school coaches, family and more all showed up for this occasion. With music from Dj Zeke, student singers, the high school dance squad, words by old teammates, and emotional speeches from both of Big Mase’s children, the hour long ceremony would be an emotional rollercoaster.

MaseCourt 0005

MaseCourt 0007

MaseCourt 0008

MaseCourt 0009

MaseCourt 0010

MaseCourt 0006After the ceremony, the kids rushed the court and wanted to meet with the Mason children and Knick’s players. One thing I know for sure, the kids sure do love Mase.

MaseCourt 0012

MaseCourt 0011


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